Posted on: November 28, 2008 9:00 am

All I want for xmas


so its black friday, and my wife is off spending my super bowl ticket money again.  The current financial crisis has made me think about what the long term effects might be on sports.  do i think the yankees wont offer CC the world?  no.  do i thin the sox wont move on burnett and tiexiera as soon as they sign their next Japaneese import?  no.  do i think other teams will  why not, it is simple, revenur sharing.  Basically the platform that Obama ran on.  since the yankees spend so much and make so much, and since red sox nation is huge, and since the ro sham bo contest in Chi town will never end, with Cubs fans spending good money every year on tickets and merchandise just to get kicked in the ganas every year, the low market teams will survive.  trust me i live in pittsburgh, i watch what has become of this once proud and storied franchise fall to pieces, because of revenue sharing.  the Pirates have been under 500 for a decade + but make no major moves to get better, because even though their stadium (one of the best in the majors) isnt sold out except 2x a year (opening day and the day at the end of the year they give away free stuff) they are one of the top 5 profitable teams in the majors.

Lets be honest folks, what the revenue sharing does is keeps mediocre teams around for good teams to beat up but offers no incentive for the bad teams to get better.  why take a chance on some big name and price tag players, spend your profit money and beat .500?  would 2 or 3 big names put the pirates in the playoffs?  probably not.  woud it put butts in the seats.  probably not at the rate needed to cover the expense of signing the players.  so they beat .500 and lose money.  doesnt make business sense for the to become a more productive team.

i guess my point is that most people agree baseball needs to change this somehow, and i know i will hear a lot of..well what about tampa bay they did it with a low budget.  to that i reply, lets see where they are in spending in 3 years.  they drafted well and sucked for long enough to draft for a long time.  if i went on a game show and won a house, i would have 2 options, pay for the larger bills and furnishings foe a bigger house, or sell the house, ala 90's florida.

lastly all i want to say is this....revenue sharing, socialism, its an obamanation, even if you agree with me, dont look for changes in baseball while our country just elected a president who wants to institute the same formula for our nation!!!!!

as for the "Stick it" of the day, lets give that to to practice schmuck.  you are paid enough to drag your butt out of bed and work out and eat turkey later, or maybe you should talk to the lions, they didnt think things would go well yesterday, or last year etc,  but they showed up
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